Galaxy S4 i9500 Battery Drain Problem Resolved


Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV Battery Problems

Few days back, I bought Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 / SGS4. The phone set is awesome but the main problem I started facing was the battery draining right after upgrading to KitKat 4.4.2 through OTA. The battery was like draining so fast that the battery was getting down to 10% in an hour or so. Although it could have been a real issue with the KitKat upgrade 4.4.2 for the S4, but after doing so many searches, I tried a few things which really helped, and now I’m able to make my phone stay for 20 to 24 hours after full charge.

S4 i9500 Battery Issue Resolved

Following are the tricks I tried doing with my SGS4 to last my battery longer than before. Don’t worry, I wont tell you to turn off your WiFi or Internet, or make the Sync off, as I’m also the guy whose usually online (except the sleep hours)

  • Turn on the Power Saving Mode (Tick the CPU power saving and Screen power saving on)
i9500 Power Saving Mode

i9500 Power Saving Mode

i9500 Power Saving Mode Details

i9500 Power Saving Mode Details

  • Disable Location or Google Location from the settings
i9500 Disable Google Location

i9500 Disable Google Location

  • Make the Brightness to Auto
i9500 Brightness Auto

i9500 Brightness Auto

  • Lastly, install Battery Doctor & Clean Master which may further help you in improving the battery life

Hopefully the above given suggestions will be help you improve the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S4

Show Running Queries in WordPress


Are you facing slow page loads in your WordPress pages, want your queries to be optimized in a way to speed up your page load time and boost the website performance. Here’s a one click solution where you have an option to show running queries in your WordPress different pages, get to know the actual execution time of each query which might be destroying the performance of the whole website and more.

Query Interface WordPress Plugin

We provide you a solution where you have an option to optimize the queries yourself, for free, by using the given features of the plugin, or give us a try to help you smoothen your pages by optimizing the heavy queries of your websites.

Download Query Interface Plugin

Check out the plugin directly on wordpress as Query Interface, or from this link and install it by following the readme guidelines.

For any concerns, suggestions and complaints, feel free to give us your feedback by filling in the comments box below.

Website Hosted Country


If you want to know the country on which the website has been hosted, here’s a quick solution.

Flagfox – Website Country

To know which of the country is the desired website hosted on, its way easy if you’re using Firefox browser. If not, then I would suggest to install Firefox browser first, for Windows, simply install it from Firefox Website, or check how to install it in Firefox in Ubuntu / Linux and then simply install the Firefox plugin Flagfox

After installing Flagfox, you will be able to easily see every website’s country flag and further details in the URL bar.

Hope this helps

Get Last Connected Database IP – PHP / MySQL


If you are using multiple database servers, because of load balancing or some other purpose, and you want to do some debugging, or got stuck or confused, or want to know which was the last connected server IP, then you’re at the right place.

MySQL Last Connected DB IPM

To know the IP of last connected database in PHP, all you need to use is the default mysql function, which simply returns you the last connected db ip i.e. mysql_get_host_info()

A code example for the same funciton is given below:
echo mysql_get_host_info();

Hope this helps you in finding your last connected db ip address.

Openoffice Calc Spreadsheet – Calculate Number Of Months Between Two Dates


If you want to get the number of months between two fields / dates in Openoffice Calc Spreadsheet, here’s a quick formula:

Openoffice – Calculate Months Between Dates

To calculate months in numbers, in between two given date fields, all you need to do is to use the formula MONTHS with the following three input parameters.

Suppose we have a field A1, having value 2012/01/01, and second field B1, with the value 2012/02/01, in the format YYYY-MM-DD, and we need to calculate the months coming in between these two fields, we will use the following formula in a new field as:


This will return 13, as we have given the values as January 01, 2012 to February 01, 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Battery Optimization / Improvement


Are you facing issues in the battery utilization of your Samsung Galaxy S2?

Howto Improve Galaxy S2 Battery Usage

While googling out for how to improve the battery time of Samsung Galaxy S2, I found out different ways out, which includes some of the things, which I cant take action on, like switching off Wifi or Mobile internet by default, and only making it enabled when desired etc. I personally found out two of the following features, which let me improve my Galaxy S2 performance a bit, so I wanted to share it with the people who are searching for such a solution.

Solution – Galaxy S2 Battery Time Problem

1. Disable Motion Sensor
To disable motion sensor, if you’re using Android 4.1, you can easily find it on
Settings -> Motion
where you can easily turn the Motion on and off.

2. Disable Google Location
To disable Google location, it could be found in
Settings -> Location services -> Location and Google services
where you can turn it off.

As already mentioned that, all the other battery optimization aren’t discussed here, because most of the things to be asked to turn off, are things which you dont want to turn off in your mobile ever, like Wifi, making the brightness low etc., but yes, you can disable Bluetooth and GPS, and get them enabled as and when needed. But the above two mentioned solutions really worked for me, and if before the battery usage time was like 12 hours, then after disabling the above two things i.e. Motion Sensor and Google Location, my battery started giving me more usage of like 3 to 5 hours, as compared to the previous battery usage time.

Try the solution out and comment on how it worked it you. Or if you also have some other ways through which we can optimize the battery life of Galaxy S2, then please share with us by commenting on the post.

Google Account Sync Android Problem


While using an Android device on Jellybean, I faced an issue of accounts which are being shown on Google account in Contacts are not synced with my Android device. Here is what I did which helped me in syncing the contacts again.

Resolved – Account Sync Issue Android

To get rid of the mentioned issue, please follow a short procedure which may help you sync your contacts in between your Google account and Android device.

First of all, log in to your Gmail account in computer, and goto the Contacts tab. You may see different tabs on the left navigation like My Contacts, Most Contacted, Other Contacts etc.

As per my knowledge, Google device only fetches the contacts which are saved in My Contacts. So if you wish to let these contacts be in the folders they are, but also need them in your Google device, simply goto all these tabs one by one, select all, or the contacts which u want to be synced with your device, and choose the option Add to My Contacts.

After done, wait for a while to let Google sync the account itself automatically into your device, or do the manual syncing from your device.

Hope this helps.

Resolved – Samsung Galaxy S3 Auto Restart, Apps Close / Sudden Death


Are you facing issues in your Samsung Galaxy S3 like device getting restarted automatically in between running apps, or apps getting closed suddenly. Following post may be helpful, as it did work with me.

Solution: Galaxy S3 Auto Restart / Apps Close

While using SGS3 (Samsung Galaxy S3), my apps used to self close, or the phone restarts itself, which was a big question mark to me. While googling for different solutions, I did a few experiments on my device to get the issue resolved. Though they were somehow successful with few, while the others, like me, still dint get the actual solution.

Solution 1 – Try It But Dint Work For Me

Few of the solutions I found on websites were like:
- Factory Resetting the phone
- Pull out the battery for a few minutes, and then put it back
- Uninstall default Facebook app / uninstall its update
- Uninstall default Chrome app / uninstall its update
and more

After trying some of the above mentioned tricks, my phone still got restarted in between or the apps close down suddenly, with no error.

Solution 2 – Again, Dint Work

Later, I found a few posts, where I got an idea that this could be the problem with the official firmware installed on my device, so may be I should install another Official firmware of the device to make the problem resolved.

Firstly, I found a Leaked (Official) Firmware of Jellybean 4.2 for my Samsung Galaxy S3, and managed to install it successfully, but nothing happened and the problem of auto restart existed.

Solution 3 – Still Useless

Then I found another Firmware XELLA / XELL1 of Jellybean 4.1, where it was mentioned that it could resolve the issue of auto restart and automatically closing down apps without error, but again, no solution.

Solution 4 – Yes It Worked

After having so many experiments, I planned to sell the phone or return it back, but as I bought it used, the seller refused to take the return :)

S3 I9300 Official Firmware XXEMB5 Jellybean 4.1.2

Finally, I found one last solution to Install Galaxy S3 I9300 Official Firmware XXEMB5 Jellybean 4.1.2, which I thought to give another try, and by the Grace of GOD, I got success in getting my phone issues resolved through this firmware.

Here is a post on how to install the Official Firmware XXEMB5, Jellybean 4.1.2 on Galaxy S3 to get the above mentioned issues resolved.

Install Galaxy S3 I9300 Official Firmware XXEMB5 Jellybean 4.1.2


Here’s a quick guide on how to install Samsung Galaxy S3 Official Firmware XXEMB5 Jellybean 4.1.2, which may also let you resolve the issues of S3 like auto restart problem, apps getting closed self etc.

Howto Install Galaxy S3 I9300 Official Firmware XXEMB5

To install S3 i9300 Official Firmware XXEMB5, please note that, you have to reinstall the OS in your device,

Disclaimer: Please note that, we are not responsible for any type of loss damage, problems or issues with your smartphone, after or in between following the given process of installing the firmware. Follow all the steps mentioned in this article carefully, else there is a chance of bricking your device for which we should not be held responsible.

Here are the steps which will help you install the firmware into your SGS3:

Note: In order to save your data like Apps, SD Card etc, you can give it a try to install this firmware without wiping out the factory reset and cache partition, but if you encounter any problem later on, you may have to follow the procedure for wiping out your data, given at the end, and then follow the steps again.

  1. Make sure USB Drivers are installed for your device, else download and install Samsung Kies.
  2. Also note that your battery should be 40% charged at least to start installing the new firmware.
  3. Download Samsung Official Firmware XXEMB5 and also Odin, or the latest version by checking it out at Google, and extract both the files into any foler
  4. Enable USB Debugging by going into
    Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging
    or if you’re into new OS then
    Settings -> Developer options -> ( Make the Developer options top right Power button is green i.e. enabled, else press it to enable) -> USB Debugging
  5. Now power off your phone properly, and then Press Volume Down + Home + Power buttons for a while, unless you see a Warning screen
  6. Now press the Volume Up button to continue and you will see the Green Android guy
  7. Open up Odin (preferable is to run the application to Run as Administrator, by choosing the method by right clicking on the Odin exe file)
  8. Connect your phone to your computer (Windows may find and install the drivers of your device after you’re connected to the computer, so let it do so)
  9. In Odin, you will see ID:COM section becomes yellow or blue, giving you signal that your device has been successfully detected by Odin
  10. If not, then try to re-install the drivers of your device through Kies and/or while connecting your phone to the computer and let Windows install and detect your device in Download mode
  11. Now, in Odin, click on the PDA option and choose the firmware file you have extracted, ending with tar.md5
  12. Make sure Re-Partition option is unchecked
  13. Click on Start button, and wait for like 4 – 5  mins to let the firmware installed successfully into your Samsung Galaxy S3
  14. After successful installation, your device will be restarted automatically. You can remove the USB cable once your phone is started successfully.

Please note, if you start getting any error messages or boot loops, shut down your phone again, or pull out the battery and put it back, and enter into the Recovery mode by pressing Volume Up + Home + Power buttons for a while, and choose wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition, using your Volume up and Volume down buttons for navigating up and down, and choosing the options by pressing Power button. Also be noted that, this will remove the data of your phone like Apps  (may be SD card data too). Once done, follow the steps 1 – 12 again as mentioned above by installing the firmware in your phone again.

Disable Opera Mini Images Android


Are you looking for how to disable the images automatically loaded while you’re visiting websites on your Android devices. Here is a quick guide.

Disable Opera Mini Images

Images are one of the heavy objects of websites, and if you want to save your bandwidth, as well as time of loading a webpage, you should disable the images of your browser, which will let you load the pages quite faster. Here is a quick solution of how to disable images in Opera Mini on your Android device.

- Open up your Opera Mini browser
- Press on the Opera logo as O, on the bottom right
- Choose Settings from the menu opened, containing different options
- Press on the Load images, and the text will switch to off

That’s it.

Now your browser will not be loading the images, and images will be shown as blank boxes on the webpages.

To show the desired images on a webpage, all you need to do is to long press the image box and you will find a short menu, where you can click on the Open Image option, to view the desired image.