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Google Buzz Is Going Away

A message on GMail is now popping up, mentioning that:

Google Buzz is going away, but your posts are yours to keep.

Another failure project by Google, is going to be ended soon.

Is there any alternative for those, who are in touch with their friends, colleagues etc. through their Google Buzz account?

At least we may not be able to share our posts in Google Buzz after a few days.

Bye Bye to Google Buzz

Best Online Backup Reviews

Are you looking for best online backup reviews, which will fulfill your online backup needs. If yes then here I want to share an online backup review site.

Best Online Backup Reviews

Best Online Backup Reviews can provide you a list of Top Ten Best Online Backup Companies, where you can have reviews and detailed information about each of the company, to let you decide for which one to choose to fulfill your online backup needs.

Online Backup Companies Comparison

You can also check the comparison of different online back companies through best online backup reviews, where you can review chart type comparison, which will make you easily understand for which of the companies support what and which does not support what, with the Yes and No captions in front of the services, which are expected to be provided by the best online backup companies.

Customer Reviews

For user satisfactory, you can also check Customer Reviews, sharing their comments and thoughts for using different Online Backup Companies, through best online backup reviews, like Protection From Hard Drive Crashes, Good Services etc.

About Site

TheTop10BestOnlineBackup.com is a comprehensive list of the top ten independently owned backup providers available at your disposal.This site compiles reviews and detailed information about each company allowing you to make a sound decision for all of your online backup needs.

TheTop10BestOnlineBackup.com has taken some of the best backup companies available on the internet and put all of their information in one place so that you can view side-by-side comparisons.All of the reviews are performed by real people and customers, and are scored on the top characteristics companies look for.These include reliability, cost, uptime, customer service, technical support and ease of use.

So have a look at the website, and see if best online backup reviews can help you finding your desired online backup needs.

Also mention for how you like the post and give your comments and suggestions on the post and the details provided here.

Import Emails From Outlook To Thunderbird

If you are having problems in importing your emails from Outlook to Thunderbird (Free Alternative to Outlook), then here is a good solution, which may let you do that easily.

Import Emails From Outlook To Thunderbird

If you are using Outlook for a longer time period, and now you are trying to shift to Thunderbird, but unable to import the emails to Thunderbird easily, through its wizard, because of large size or any other issue, then let me tell you a good, simple and easy solution.
All you need is (the old) Outlook Express, which is usually installed by default in the Windows XP. Follow the steps below to get the solution:

  • As direct Import from Outlook to Thunderbird is not successful in some cases, first you need to import your Outlook emails to the old Outlook Express
  • Now open Thunderbird, and try to import your emails from Outlook Express to Thunderbird, by going on Tools -> Import and selecting Outlook Express, instead of Outlook

After waiting a few minutes or seconds, you will get your emails imported to the Thunderbird.

Hope the solution works for you to successfully import your emails from Outlook to Thunderbird.

Empathy – Name In Use Problem

While logging into Empathy, there faced a problem while the account signing in. Here is a simple and easy solution:

Empathy – Name In Use Solution

All you have to do, what was done by me here, is to remove the account or accounts which are having problem while signing in. For example, if your MSN account is getting problem while singing in, and showing yout  the Name In Use error, then simple remove the account by following the small procedure below:

  1. Open Empathy window
  2. Goto: Edit -> Accounts
  3. Choose your account from the left panel by selecting it from the left click
  4. And click on the Remove button below

One you have remove your account, now just add the account again by clicking on the Add button on the same window, and following the procedure there for adding your account.

And your problem would have been resolved now.

If still facing any problem, then try to do the same procedure again, and restart Empathy before adding the account again to see if any change happens.

Firefox 5 Ubuntu, Firefox 5 Linux

As you people know that Firefox 5 has been launched officially by Mozilla, after a very short time of the release of Firefox 4. You would be glad to know that Mozilla has also launched the Firefox 5 Ubuntu / Firefox 5 Linux version. As I have already posted the installation of Firefox 4 beta previously, I would recommend to please check out the post here, after downloading the Firefox 5 version of your Linux / Ubuntu from the official website.

All you need to do is to simply follow the steps posted on the following link, after downloading the firefox 5 from mozilla.

Download Firefox 5 Ubuntu, Firefox 5 Linux

To download Mozilla Firefox 5 for Ubuntu, goto the following link:


Install Firefox 5 Ubuntu, Firefox 5 Linux

After downloading, simply follow the steps on the post below, though they’re for Firefox 4, but they will hopefully be working for Firefox 5 as well:


Sphinx FATAL out of memory Error

If you are facing following type of error in your sphinx:

FATAL: out of memory (unable to allocate 1073741824 bytes)

then following may be a simple and easy solution for you.

Sphinx FATAL out of memory Error

For an easy solution, just give it a hit and try, and this may be a working solution for you.

Open up your sphinx configuration file, usually named as sphinx.conf, and search for the indexer, which could look like:

mem_limit = 1024M


All you have to do is to chnage the mem_limit value, and reduce it to 128M or 512M, like:

mem_limit = 128M
mem_limit = 512M

Even if the value is not 1024M in your current sphinx configuration, all you have to do is to reduce the value and make it to a lesser memory.

Now restart or reboot your sphinx server completely, and check out if the solution works for you.

Also give your comments out, to let me know if it works.

Thunderbird Image Display Problem

If you are a Thunderbird user, and you are having image display problems in Thunderbird, then the following post may be helpful:

Thunderbird Image Display Problem

To let your images displayed in your Thunderbird, making the connection / proxy settings may be one of the solutions for you. To make this experiment, all you need to do is, check your connection and proxy settings in the Thunderbird, and make some changes to it, to see if the images start working with you.

To change the proxy, following the steps below:

  • Open Thunderbird
  • Goto Tools -> Settings
  • Choose Advanced icon on top
  • Select Network & Disk Space tab
  • In Connection frame, click on Settings button

Now you may be able to see different proxy options. You can try all of them, in my case, I chose Use system proxy settings to make my Thunderbird work fine with embedded images loading in it.

Hope this will help you displaying your email images in Thunderbird.

Facebook Shares Phone Numbers & Addresses With Third Party Apps

Recently read a blog post regarding Facebook, now sharing phone numebers and addresses with Third party applications.

Have a look at the following post of ReadWriteWeb, to have some info related to this issue in details at:

Facebook Now Shares Phone Number & Address With Third-Party Apps

Send in your comments, to give this post a porper direction.

Ubuntu – An Error Occurred While Mounting SDA Drive

Are you facing an error occurred while mounting /sda drive or something like that in Ubuntu?

Ubuntu – An Error Occurred While Mounting Drive

If you are facing the following type of error while booting Ubuntu:

An error occurred while mounting /sda5
Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery

or any such type of error with other mount drive, which is not actually the mount drive you have in the system, or you already have formatted or removed it from the system, then here is a simple solution, which may work for you in getting rid of this error.

How To Resolve An Error Occurred While Mounting SDA Drive

To resolve this error, all you have to do is, first ignore this error message by pressing S, and let the Ubuntu load and start. After that, all you have to do is, simply open the file fstab in gedit or any other text editor, located in:


by opening it on the Terminal, through following command:

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

After the file has been opened, you would be seeing different of your files systems mounted there, like:
/dev/sda5 /sda5 vfat utf8,umask=007,gid=46 0 1

Once you are on the file, just find the line in this file, containing the mount drive, you were facing the error, at the time of booting your Ubuntu. In our case, it is /sda5.

Now insert the hash sign # at the start of this line. The line would now be looking something like:

# /dev/sda5 /sda5 vfat utf8,umask=007,gid=46 0 1

This is it.

Now save the file, and close the editor.

Hopefully this will resolve your problem, and now you wont get any more errors of mounting that non existing drive while booting Ubuntu.

Chrome For Ubuntu

If you are looking for Chrome for Ubuntu, for how and where to download Chrome’s Ubuntu and Linux version, then here is your solution.

Chrome For Ubuntu

Google has officially released the Chrome’s Ubuntu and Linux version now. You dont need to download and install Wine for Chrome now, but it can be self run in Ubuntu / Linux.

To know about download and extensions for Chrome for Ubuntu, please refer to the following link:
Google Chrome Linux